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Advanced Electronics Repair Kit

Our major products are multifunctional wire stripping pliers, de-soldering pump, long-lived soldering irons, hot melt glue guns, ferromagnetic screwdrivers, dynamoelectric screwdrivers, precision electric pliers, network tools, electronic tools kits and network tools kits, etc. At present,our products have been exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia and won many appraisements and prizes from customers.

Product Details

A-050 5'' diagonal cutting plier
J-050 5'' long nose plier
HY-065TX 6''slant edge cutting plier
J-626 6''long nose plier
HY-5021 7 in 1 wire stripper & wire cutter
HY-ZD-02 Utility knife
TS-10 Precision tweezers
HY-HL-0117 7pcs folding type hex key wrench
HY-SC-03 6'' stainless scissors
HY-SH-5 3pcs soldering assistant
HY-18 Utility component storage box
HY-362 Soldering iron stand
HY-208 Desoldering pump
HA-30 30W soldering iron
HY-9202 Digital multimeter
OTHERS Solder core
PVC insulate tape
2pcs needle file set(flat&round)
Color screwdrivers
2pcs pallets
Carrying tool case(312x216x89)


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