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Our major products are multifunctional wire stripping pliers, de-soldering pump, long-lived soldering irons, hot melt glue guns, ferromagnetic screwdrivers, dynamoelectric screwdrivers, precision electric pliers, network tools, electronic tools kits and network tools kits, etc. At present,our products have been exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia and won many appraisements and prizes from customers.

Product Details

1.4 Cable Tester

- This product is designed to quickly test and trouble shoot standard compliance 
HDMI1.4 cables. The HDMI cable tester assembles the entire HDMI cable architecture 
within,allowing fot 100% nfirmation of the entire interface. There are 19 wires present 
inside the HDMI interface, however there are only 9 complete circuits that make up the 
format,the HDMI tester selectively measures each sub circuit within the interface and 
displays a pass/fail by way of LED'son the front of the receiver. The HDMI able Tester 
may also be used to test DVI cable assemblies. Simply install DVI/HDMI adaptors to 
the DVI cable. Insert the Transmitter unit into one end and the Receiver unit into the 
other end. - The DVI does not support CEC (Consumer Electronice Control) this LED will 
remian unlit.
- HDMI cable continuity test only
- HDMI 1.4 specs including Ethemet and return audio wire tests
- HDMI type A to A (regular), A to C (adapter cable) and C to C (mini)
- 2 AA batteries required on this Tx box only (no batt needed on Rx box)
- Test cable: HDMI A MALE TO A MALE Test cable: HDMI A MALE TO C MALE

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