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Lan Multi-network modular cable tester

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Product Details

Lan Multi-network modular cable tester

- Overall Dimension: 123.7*66.5*24.5mm
- Battery: 4xAAA 1.5V dry battery with power consumption 8mA
- Display: Special cable tester LCD display (effective visual range 35*17mm)
- Cable types to be tested: UTP/FTP twisted line, coaxial cable(BNC) and telephone line(TEL)
- Working Ambient Temperature:-10℃to +40℃
- Tester Ports: Main RJ45 master port(M),Loop-back RJ45 (L) and far-end recognizer RJ45 port (R)
- Maximum Length of Cable: Twisted UTP/FTP cable < 300m BNC coaxial cable < 500m TEL telephone line < 300m
- Location of Wiring Sequence and Cable Trouble: detection of trouble such as open circuit, short-circuit and dislocation
- Location of Cable Link Route:Maximum 8 far-end identification recognizers are used in test and location of cable links(ID1-ID8)

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