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Our major products are multifunctional wire stripping pliers, de-soldering pump, long-lived soldering irons, hot melt glue guns, ferromagnetic screwdrivers, dynamoelectric screwdrivers, precision electric pliers, network tools, electronic tools kits and network tools kits, etc. At present,our products have been exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia and won many appraisements and prizes from customers.

Product Details


Indicators: LED and Tone
Voltage Range: 50 VAC to 1000 VAC
Frequency Range: 50 Hz to 500 Hz

Measurement Categories:

Category III, 1000 V per UL 61010B-1
Category IV, 600 V per IEC 61010-1, 2nd edition
Category III, 1000 V per UL 61010B-1
Category IV, 600 V per IEC 61010-1, 2nd edition

Operating Conditions:

Temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F)
Less than 80% relative humidity (noncondensing)
Altitude: 2000 m (6500') maximum
Indoor use only.
Pollution Degree: 2
Battery: Two 1.5 volt batteries (AAA, NEDA 24A or IEC LR03)

Important Safety Information

Read and understand this material before operating or servicing this equipment.
Failure to understand how to safely operate this tool can result in an accident causing serious injury or death

Electric shock hazard:

Contact with live circuits can result in severe injury or death.

Electric shock hazard:

- Do not use the unit if it is wet or damaged.- 
- Do not apply more than the rated voltage between the probe tip and earth ground.
- Do not operate with the case open.
- Failure to observe these warnings can result in severe injury or death.
- Do not attempt to repair this unit. It contains no userserviceable parts.
- Do not expose the unit to extremes in temperature or high humidity. 
- Refer to “Specifications.”
- Failure to observe these precautions can result in injury and can damage the instrument Using this unit near equipment that generates electromagnetic interference can result in unstable or inaccurate readings.



The HY-GD-10 is useful for identifying hot and neutral conductors, finding a break in a wire, and detecting the presence of AC voltage at outlets, switches, circuit breakers, fuses, and wires and cables, including Romex .

Note: Round cords may have twisted conductors. Check for hot conductors by sliding the unit along the cord.
Note: The HY-GD-10 can be used to find a break in a wire:
To find a break in a hot conductor, trace the wire until the signal stops.
To find a break in a neutral conductor, connect a load between the hot and neutral. 
Trace the wire until the signal stops.
- Turn the unit on by rotating the battery cap so that the pointer is in the ON position.
- Test the unit on a known live circuit before each use. 
- If the unit does not function as expected on a known live circuit, replace the batteries.
- Place the probe tip on or near the circuit or unit to be tested.
- Tone and flashing LED indicate the presence of voltage (50 VAC to 1000 VAC).
Note: The voltage detector cannot detect voltage on armored cable; on sheathed nonmetallic cable that is saturated with water; or on cable in conduit, behind panels, or in metallic enclosures.

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