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Professional Ratchet Type Crimping Tool

Our major products are multifunctional wire stripping pliers, de-soldering pump, long-lived soldering irons, hot melt glue guns, ferromagnetic screwdrivers, dynamoelectric screwdrivers, precision electric pliers, network tools, electronic tools kits and network tools kits, etc. At present,our products have been exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia and won many appraisements and prizes from customers.

Product Details

Professional Ratchet Type Crimping Tool

- Professional coaxial crimping tool, different types of die could be selected according to special needs
- With ratchet function, it needs less strength to operate and easy to fold it
- The pressure of the ratchet could be adjusted according to users need
- The whole body is made of Mn65 and the surface dealing by antioxidant


HY-W301A HY-W301B HY-W301C HY-W301D
HEX.255". 210". 067". 060"
RG-58. 59. 6
HEX.320". 210". 060"
RG-58. 6
HEX .320” .250” .210”
RG 58, 59, 62, 6
HEX .320” .275” .065”
RG-6. BELDEN 8281
AWG: 18-22.24-30      


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